FlickrExporter & photoblogs

I, like thousands of others use Flickr for my photo sharing needs. With the advent of the sale of Flickr to Yahoo I am sure it will become even more widely known. I had started my photo blog on Blogger and found there was no native upload tool from Blogger for Mac users. Blogger recommended Flickr, so I took a look. Flickr does indeed have a very easy tool to move photos from Flickr to Blogger, and several other blog hosts. By using both I have in effect two photo blogs, one on each host. The Blogger photo blog is to my taste the more "serious", while the Flickr blog is more relaxed. Flickr also has several features that I like, one of which are tags, whereby you can assign a tag to any or all of your shots and when a search is done on that tag, you get to see everyones photos, for example,
http://flickr.com/photos/tags/whatsinyourbag, try it! Being an ardent Mac Powerbook, OS X user I am always on the lookout for cool life hacks and tools to make life more fun. I enjoy using iPhoto and came across a hack to upload photos directly from iPhoto to flickr! It is called FlickrExporter, and was written by Fraser Speirs. It is a plugin and works very well and is available here, http://speirs.org . Spread the word, keep the faith.