There has to be a better way !!!

Recently I have decided to add my thoughts, ideas and insights to this blog. Knowing a picture is worth a thousand words, I proceed hoping to add some value. In the beginning It was my intention to keep it as a photoblog, but then I was struck by the wide scope of and sheer number of blogs and decided to join in. The first few text entries I made using the blog posting feature of Blogger, my blog hosting partner. The limitations of this feature soon became evident. It was clumsy and lacked features and tools that I soon realized I would be needing. I thought there must be something better than this. I began casting about for a "Blogging Client". Many of the more popular clients seemed to have and/or need a server side component, I pressed on. One reason for the expansion of my blog came through the discovery of a great site called 43folders, there will be more to come on the ideas and insights triggered by 43folders. But for now, 43folders is a Mac centric, thank god!, site that offers Mac ideas, software, tools and life hacks for getting things done in your life, or as we fondly say, GTD. It was there that I found the wonderful tool this post is being written on, ecto ! ecto is a feature rich, easy to use blog client, that promises to be the perfect tool for my blog post scribblings. I will continue to post photographs, and other thoughts as they strike.