The Constant of Change

I often hear that in life the only constant is change.  New ideas, technologies, methods and mores are engulfing us every day.  The hackneyed phrase "if it aint broke, don't fix it" does battle with "Newer, Better, More".  Pundits and Talking Heads shout at  us that change will save the world, make us happier, give us more leisure time and even make us healthier.  If you could make one change that will make you healthier would you do it, could you do it? 

There is a thought provoking article that claims most of us not only could not do it, we would not do it......to save our very lives!  The item on "to-done.com" speaks of a study that shows patients will not or could not quick smoking, even after major surgery to save and prolong their life from the effects of smoking!  This is quantifiable, measurable change with proven life prolonging outcomes............ not just changing from dial-up to DSL!

I think most people have a hard time dealing with change.  Change can be anything from your favorite brand of ice cream no longer being available, to the life wrenching change of love, death, re-location, job loss, promotion, .....or upgrading to a new computer operating system!  Change is disrupting, threatening, scary and fun.  The grace in our lives is how we deal with change not the change itself.  Change is never easy, but when done with planning, style and humor it can lead to a better more meaningful life.

Could you change when change really mattered? When it mattered most?  Yes, you say?
Try again.
You're probably deluding yourself.
You wouldn't change.
Don't believe it? You want odds? Here are the odds, the scientifically studied odds: nine to one.
That's nine to one against you. How do you like those odds?

Read the article and think how you deal with change in your life.  This is full story, "Change or Die"