Notes From the Field; Sony DSC-T3 CyberShot

I have found a great little "walking around camera"  The Sony  DSC-T3, this link is really the T-33, which has superseded the T3, it is essentially the same camera.  As you can see the camera is very small, but very high performance.  It is a 5 megapixel with a huge LCD monitor for ease of viewing.  I carry this camera with me wherever I go.  Most people think it is a cell phone or a PDA when I have it in my hand.  It is a great camera for "Street Photography", this is the style of photography made famous by Henri Cartier Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, et al.  I know many of you are now pulling your hair out by the roots.........YES I KNOW all of the these Photo Gods used Leica cameras, the ONLY CAMERA acceptable for street photography.  I am here to tell you that the camera does not matter!  Heresey, yes.  Reality no.  The important truth is the eye and heart of the photographer, not the camera, the lens, the film, the megpaixels, software or the developer you use.  Oh, the black tape on my Sony is to reduce the "Flash" factor, not the flash as in strobe, but the flash as in shiny parts, and to help make me more invisible......yeah right!  I really like this camera.  Most of the shots on this blog were taken with this camera.  This is not a full blown review, it is my thoughts and feelings about using this camera everyday.  For a complete review read this Sony test.

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