Long lens work

Most of my film photography is done on my faithful Leica M6 and the 35mm Summilux, has been for years.  Recently I found the 50mm Summicron that my dad had given me years ago.  I snapped it into the Leica and it was like I had a telephoto !  A whole new way of seeing !  This particular lens is very old and the aperture ring was very sticky, sooooo I thought I can fix this,  I removed the front element and tried to lube the ring, then noticed the iris blades had become dislodged and no longer produced the classic round hole.  Damn!  After getting a quote to repair the lens and comparing that to ebay, I searched the web for a "Take-apart" or manual.  I found a highly recommended book, reserved it at the library, and still think I can fix it myself.  I post my progress.

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