Soft Release

I just received my Soft Release from Tom  Abrahamsson.  Tom builds beautiful and very useful parts for Leica cameras.  The Soft Release is a beautifully machined, domed button that screws into the cable release hole in the center of the shutter release.  It provides a smooth and clean release of the already superb shutter.  On and off for several years I have used the Leica soft release button, the one that is cylindrical and sets up about 1/2 inch.  I really like the new Soft Release.  There is one unintended consequence to the new button, because of its shape, there seems to be more frames exposed in handling the camera than there would be ordinarily.  This can be avoided by not having the shutter cocked, but what is the point ?,  what if Elvis or Jimmy hoffa walked by!  One must be prepared at all times, film in the camera, shutter cocked, hyper-focal distance set, camera hanging on the wrist!  The Street Photographer credo !

Thanks Tom, great stuff, and I look forward to buying the entire catalog.

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