Red Card!

Red Card!

The Monroe High Bearcats received a soccer clinic from the Snohomish Panthers Monday night losing 5-0 in Monroe. It might have been the Ref asking the Monroe side to change from their bright orange to their black jerseys, it might have been the stiff wind blowing, but the stars did not shine on the Bearcats that night.

The starting Goalie for Monroe,Sophomore,Andrew Chavez #12,fended off 4 corner kicks on goal before the mayhem started. In aggressively defending the fifth corner kick Chavez drew a red card and left the game. Bearcat Goalie Junior,Logan Summers,#2 came on to face Brandon Crutchfield,Senior Forward #5 in the one on one PK,penalty kick. The Snohomish Forward sliced the ball past Summers into the Bearcat net for the first Panther score with 5:15 left in the first half. Drama continued following the PK as Monroe head Coach Ryan Schaffer drew a Yellow Card for his vigorous dispute of the Red Card and PK. The Bearcat coaching staff was admonished to stay behind the Yellow Stripe and near their bench.

Summers stopped several Snohomish shotswhile the Panther Goalie Senior Daniel Carlson #1 smothered the Bearcats efforts to get on the board as the half played out. The assault on the Bearcat net continued with a goal 2 minutes into the second period by Snohomish Forward Junior Brandon Kelly #3. The Panther Side was able to move the ball at will, controlling the pace of the game. They kept the ball on the ground and in play with skillful passing and dribbling using the entire field. With a long 21:26 to play, Josh Petosa,Junior Midfielder #7 drilled the ball past Bearcat Goalie Summers to make the score 3-0. Just 2 minutes later the Monroe Goalie was lured out of the box to allow Snohomish to roll in a fourth point. The fifth and final point of the evening was blasted into the Monroe net with 16 minutes left to play.

The Snohomish coach Dan Pingrey had pulled his starters allowing Monroe to take the match to the Panther end of the pitch but the black shirted Bearcats remained scoreless at the final whistle. The Monroe bench was quiet while Coach Schaffer helped collect the equipment to end the evening.  Asked if it had been a long night for his boys he said,"Sometimes they just go that way".

He and his squad are looking forward to their next game ageist Lake Stevens at LS on April 3, 2006.  The Bearcats play at Home again on April 5, facing Arlington High.

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