The “Upstrap” is not the perfect strap. A personal aside.

In the past it was easy to carry my cameras. I used two Leica M4s, one a 28mm and one a 90mm. For long work I used a Nikon F with the 200mm. This all fit into a small bag along with a handful of TriX. The Leicas around my neck with simple leather straps; metal snaps and D rings, at staggered lengths and the Nikon, if I really needed it, on a shoulder…..small, light, close to the body, ready for anything.

Fast forward to now…..my gear has grown and expanded to fill all of my space, and I use the smallish Canon 20d and 5d bodies with the three required Canon zoom lens covering 16mm to 200mm, and even more with the 5d. My bag is now filled with cards, batteries, and cleaning supplies. I don’t know how the shooters using the huge, heavy “Mark” series Canons do it!

I am still working out how to wear this gear on assignment. Like most everyone, I dislike the cheesy straps provided with the cameras

I searched, researched, looked at, and asked for a neck strap that I could use for the duration of a game, match and long work day. One that would hold my cameras and provide quick access to the lens/body combo I needed. One that would not slip and slide, one that would last.

The big winner in the strap lottery is the “Upstrap”. This strap is glowingly reviewed and recommended by many users, working pros and enthusiastic amateurs alike. Most recently reviewed by Doug Plummer, a fellow Seattle pro. I read Dougs blog everyday and enjoy his insights, but I must disagree about the Upstrap.

I bought one…….it is not the perfect strap! Its main feature is the “sticky” pad that keeps the strap from slipping and sliding on your shoulder. It makes sense that heavy cameras should be carried on the shoulder not the neck, and the “Upstrap” does prevent the camera from slipping off the shoulder, so that feature does work!

The problem for me is it is too sticky, the strap does not slide on my shoulder allowing me to swing a camera up to shooting position, the strap must be “shrugged” off to bring the camera up to my eye. There is also a “sticky” sort of problem when I hang the camera around my neck, the strap seems stiff and hinders fluid camera movement.

I am still using the “Upstrap” until I find or make something else. I do like how it “Hangs” on my shoulder, but the stiffness bothers me every time. Camera straps are a continuing trail and error, a constant search and we rarely seem happy with what we have. Thoughts, ideas, opinions…..let me know how you work.